Hello all Im Kristina, 22 years old, I live in New York (and hate it), im Straight Edge, fandoms im apart of include Harry potter, wwe, glee, one direction, power rangers, avengers (especially thor and loki), supernatural, The Office, Lord of The Rings, community, the walking dead and more. You will get a LOT of The Shield from me..you have been warned haha

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im just waiting for the day Wade falls off that podium. 

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i guess no one even noticed that wade barrett did not make an appearance on raw this evening? 

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Watching bad news barrett is funnier watching it with my dad’s commentary on wade hahaha

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I think my mom has gone insane because she started hysterically laughing after wade barrett said “I’m afraid I got some bad news” I guess the way he said it? I have no idea but it was still funny lol

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I’m just getting to watching last week’s raw (Wayyy behind I know :( ) but OMFG THAT BAD NEWS BARRETT SEGMENT IM DEAD.

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So idk about you guys but i cannot wait for wade to have a clean shaven face again lol 

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I had a dream last night that I was married to Wade Barrett and we had a child together…and like apparently he was really from Norway??? but i asked him how he still had an english accent and he said everyone speaks like that there and i just accepted that answer. 

And like our baby was blonde but no one on either sides of our family was blonde yet we were her biological parents…oh our child’s name was “Traga”???? (pronounced like “TREY-GA”) 

and that’s pretty much it.

I fucking love having wrestling dreams hahaha

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The babies :D

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Wade has a new theme! Idk how I feel about thisss