Hello all Im Kristina, 22 years old, I live in New York (and hate it), im Straight Edge, fandoms im apart of include Harry potter, wwe, glee, one direction, power rangers, avengers (especially thor and loki), supernatural, The Office, Lord of The Rings, community, the walking dead and more. You will get a LOT of The Shield from me..you have been warned haha

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Wanna send me stuff? Send it to my P.O. box! ill always love you back xD: Kristina Gonzalez P.O. Box 99 Rock Tavern, NY 12575
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"May the power protect you" CLOSE ENOUGH.

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Having too much fun with this lol

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I knew it was coming. I knew it was but I had no idea when it was going to happen. Dan southworth is officially announced for power morphicon 2014. So if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go thrown myself off a bridge and land on a bunch of sharp rocks.

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Finally found some of the new power ranger figures today! I got Dino thunder red, mmpr green and robo knight! 😊💙 #me #powerrangers #megaforce #supermegaforce

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The other hand..with the black rpm ranger 😊💙 #me #nails #nailart #powerrangers #rpm #powerrangersrpm

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Did my nails last night back and red..with the quantum ranger 💙😊 #me #nails #nailart #quantumranger #powerrangers #powerrangerstimeforce #timeforce

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Erin Cahill just liked and commented on my time force figure photos on Instagram..I’m about to have a heart attack.

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I made like a future power rangers team that all the team members are children of past rangers. and they all retain the same color as their parent (except for one of them :P) and im hesitant to post it. it’s just ideas and not an actual fiction…maybe i will turn it into a fic one day.

but i don’t know..im still trying to think of a main mentor’s name lol the 2nd mentor is going to be the daughter of Ziggy and Dr K :P

also all their names have the same first letter as their parent as well :P

i haven’t finished it yet and if/when i do post this, ill probably get slammed with hate and then curl up in a ball in a cave forever…decisions, decisions lol 

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It’s sooooo beautiful :’D #me #powerrangers #supermegaforce #gokaiger #legendarymegazord #merrychristmastome