Hello all Im Kristina, 22 years old, I live in New York (and hate it), im Straight Edge, fandoms im apart of include Harry potter, wwe, glee, one direction, power rangers, avengers (especially thor and loki), supernatural, The Office, Lord of The Rings, community, the walking dead and more. You will get a LOT of The Shield from me..you have been warned haha

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can we all take the time to appreciate kurt’s pants?

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Oh so last night I had a dream that Emily, Ashley, Kelsey and I were like putting together some surprise party for Stephen..in florida. The place we were at looked like a resort we stayed at but it looked like hershey lodge lol

Anyway so im in the lobby and there’s a sign on the door that’s says “Kristina, before you go outside bring out a box of tissues” and im like “uhh ok..” so i do and I see emily and she pulls out a chair and a small table and was like “you’re gonna want to sit for this” and im like “What..why?”

and out of nowhere Kurt and Blaine like come over and start singing to me and i was like crying of happiness so much omfg. Apparently Emily distracted me with this “so called surprise party” so they could set up this whole thing with Blaine and Kurt coming to see me.

That was probably the best dream i’ve had in a long time lol

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can any of you help me out and link me to a WORKING and FREE link to the latest episode of glee? I need to watch it i missed it :(

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the sound i just made was not human

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Glee au: In which Kurt is an assassin hired to kill Blaine. Relates to [x]

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That. Was. Perfect.

Legit tears in my eyes.

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Right now, I really wish I was Kurt…

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I can totally see this happening in season three..

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