Hello all Im Kristina, 21 years old, I live in New York (and hate it), im Straight Edge, fandoms im apart of include Harry potter, wwe, glee, one direction, power rangers, avengers (especially thor and loki), supernatural, The Office, Lord of The Rings, community, the walking dead and more. You will get a LOT of The Shield from me..you have been warned haha

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I had a dream that I got this new job grooming at some huge place and the shield was there and they got hired as dog bathers so I was like holy shiiiiit and so it was weird seeing dean and Romans soft side lol (we all know how seth is with his dogs lol) i just remember dean giving this big white dog like a pep talk before putting him into the tub lol it was quite the beautiful dream :P

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Last night I had a dream that Paul Bearer was preaching/cutting a promo at a cvs pharmacy. And like the top news story was that ultimate warrior had smoker’s cough??? Oh and then bearer kept reminding us that undertaker is a natural born ginger LOL

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Oh my god how did I forget to tell you guys about my dream last week?

I had a dream that I rear ended Daniel Bryan’s car. Not like hard it really was a small tap since I was coming to a stop sign and so I get out of the car and out comes Daniel Bryan and he looks at the back of his car and then me. And at this point I’m flipping a shit because its fucking Daniel Bryan and I rear ended his car.

(No he did NOT start chanting NO! At me unfortunately lol)

He said “there’s no damage don’t worry about it.” And I’m like “God im so sorry I hope you don’t hate me I’m really a big fan of yours” and he goes “oh really? Thanks” and he tells me to come around the car and there was John Cena in the passengers seat (shirtless for some reason lol) and I hugged both of them and it was really cool. Christian was in the back seat sleeping not aware of anything that was going on. And that’s about it. That’s the dream lol

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So last night i had a dream that the Kyoryugers came to my high school (that i have been graduated from for 3 years already…) and like i was their escort/bodyguard??? (maybe they lost their powers or something..) and King gave me his gaburevolver to hold onto and like i was forced to marry Utchi and Nossan because of this?? (don’t really mind marrying Utchi to be honest LOL Oh and as a wedding gift, Marion gave me gabutyra, stegotchi, and pteragordon beast batteries! 

but later me, King and Amy were into the attendance office and King told me to close all the blinds and like keep watch to make sure no one is watching them so im like ok so i closed all the blinds except one of the blinds were outside the window and the one person trying to look inside the office was Chavo Guerrero???? 

and so then i turn around and King was basically receiving head from Amy. and that was basically it.

I was so disappointed to wake up and find out that i do not own any beast batteries lol

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I had the most outrageous dream last night.

So i had a dream that i was at my cousin’s wedding and like before the wedding we were at this poorly made “grease” musical at the high school. and then i remember being in my pajamas and the wedding was going to start in like 5 minutes and my room was apparently across the hall???

so then i ask my mom what should i wear and she says what you are wearing is fine so i took her word for it…then i was at the wedding reception where my ex boyfriend was there and i was flirting with him?? and apparently we got back together and then Victoria Giordano (girl i went to school with) was there with her boyfriend and like my ex and kyle made an agreement that me and her should be allowed to have lesbian sex with each other whenever we wanted?????

So i was ok with this and I left the reception just to go to the gas station to get condoms and birth control pills (even though i don’t need condoms to have sex with another woman and birth control is not sold at a gas station???) and that’s all i remember.


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I had a dream last night that James Franco and James McAvoy got married?? and their shipping name was James McFrancavoy. It was the most beautiful thing omfg.

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the thing is last night i had a dream that the 2 weeks he spent at college was just a cover up to how he signed up for the military? and that when he came home for the weekend he said how he joined the army and how he was going to be away for 7 months. i woke up in near tears.

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I had a pretty weird dream last night…i don’t really remember all of it but i just remember being out in a place where there were a lot of boulders kind of like a cave but it was bright inside. and i just remember that i was in there with all the rangers from Operation Overdrive and apparently i was dating Mack and Tyzonn’s real name was actually Mercury ?? 

I just remember fighting off whatever foot soldier things are even though i don’t know what they look like since i never have watched Operation overdrive. 

and yeah that’s my dream.

Dear brain, please keep OO out of my dreams.

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I had a dream last night that I was Fred weasley?? And like I never died and was protected by Emily’s house?? Apparently i survived the explosion but all i got from that was a cold? um ok?? 

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I had a dream last night that i was at a wwe house show and i was in the front row and the show had gone to intermission but like AJ was still in the ring angry about something sitting cross legged in the corner of the ring staring at the audience so i let my hair down with my bang it was all nice and straightened and i just started skipping around the ring like she would. and she was like staring at me like who the hell are you.

and so i go into the ring and just stare at her all smiley exactly like she would and security came to the ring and apparently i have the same exact outfit she had on? and so they couldn’t tell who was the real AJ.

That was a fucking awesome dream lol

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